A Quality Baseball Experience

Cost -  $695 -4 Game Guarantee   

Teams may pencil in but your spot is not guaranteed.  To secure your spot you will need to pay in full or pay a non refundable $100 deposit that will hold your spot until fee due date.                                 ****   2022 ages start September 1 ****

Upcoming Tournaments   2022

(Click Link to see whose coming)


New Year Clash Tournament - January 7-8th $695  St. George Area

Super Bowl Tournament - February 4-5th $695 St. George Area

KG Memorial Tournament - March 4-5th $695 St. George Area

 March Mayhem Tournament - March 18-19th $695 St. George Area


April Slugfest - April 1-2 $695  St. George Area 

Ice Breaker - April 22-23 $695  Cedar City Area 

May Day Mash - May 6th 7th-23 $695  Cedar City Area

Beaver D2 Silver Tournament May 20-21st Beaver, Utah 

Beaver Bash - June 10-11th  Beaver, Utah 

Summer Sizzler - June 24-25th Cedar City, Utah 

Cedar Classic - July 15-16th Cedar City, Utah 

Endless Summer - July 29-30th Cedar City, Utah 

Yardley Sports Classic Wood Bat Tournament - August 12-13th Beaver, Utah 



Email or text to be penciled in.  (Only a deposit guarantees spot)

Full fees are due week prior 

Fees for St. George area will go to $695 starting in October 


Text - 435-632-8067



*All Tournaments are Friday and Saturday*

                      St. George Sponsor Hotels
Comfort Inn at Convention Center - (435) 628-8544

**Teams if you are not paid by  Friday the week prior you will be dropped and deposit forfeited. ** You are holding schedules from being completed and posted.

Coaches - Reminder you are responsible for your parents and fans conduct.  We have a zero tolerance for abusive behavior.  Umpires are to be respected. If there is a issue let us handle it.  We are strained every tournament as is every organization to get umpires.  Do your part - honor the game - be a example to your players. 


No alcohol at any of the parks!  Your team may be asked to forfeit and leave if we are approached again by cities with this problem.   Clean up your trash - with everything that has happened we should be even more appreciative of the use of the city parks.  

Umpires usually change out from plate to field every 2-3 games.   We schedule tight to keep things moving with run rules etc... be patient if umpires are a little late getting back.  Be prepared to play early or late.  We will do our best to stay on time. Remember they need to eat and have a break also. 

We will continue to play 1 hour 40 minutes.  Once your game is over please vacate the fields promptly. 

Make sure scores are correct on game card before leaving fields!

 We are changing our policy that only paid teams or teams paying a deposit will be guaranteed a spot.  Some tournaments  sell out and teams get turned away only to have teams drop out last minute.  You can continue to pencil in but it does not guarantee you a spot only shows interest in tournament.  Balance must be paid the week prior by Friday.  Don't be the team holding up schedules getting done.  St. George area fee's will be $695 starting October 1


Game Changer will not be considered a book.  Too many mistakes are made and difficult to figure out.  The official score will be the umpire card.  It will be the responsibility of both coaches and the umpire to make sure the scorecard is correct every inning and after the game.  Once the card is turned into SU officials the score will be the official score.  A single run can make a difference for your team or someone else. Make sure we are getting scores right!

 If a field can not be fit for our dimensions we reserve the right to change dimension rules for that field or tournament.   This will effect mostly 8u-10u.  Every effort will be made to have fields exact but as we struggle to get fields most little league fields do not always go to 65'. The fields may be played at 60' vs. 65'.  

Coaches - you are responsible for not bringing a player with known COVID Exposure.  Do not ruin this for everyone else.  Players need to be screened by you before play.  Be responsible!!  If it comes to our attention you have done this your entire team will be removed immediately - no refund. 
  SU Baseball accepts no liability for chance of spread of the Novel Coronavirus.  We are setting guidelines to help all of us provide the kids a safe outlet to play ball.  Lets all work together to make this a safe environment for everybody.   

Social Distance when seating 

Keep spectators to immediate family and distance from others.  Fields have a lot of space.  Sit in outfield and sidelines when possible.  Space out in bleachers. 

1. Every team must have hand sanitizer and use every half inning.
2. No spitting and absolutely no seeds
3. No high fives or handshakes 
4. No post game handshakes 
5. No sharing equipment
6. Do not bring sick kids to the fields regardless of how mild it may be or what you think it is. 
7. Teams will need to sign waiver/release
8. If a parent does not feel comfortable please do not come. 
9.  No new inning after 1 and 40 minutes
10. No sharing drinks
11. Teams need to arrive shortly before and leave promptly after.

Thank you,
SU Baseball 



**Payment Info**

Venmo Payments to @SUBaseball - southernutahbasebal

Checks, SU Baseball, 96 South Bridge Point Way, St. George, Utah 84770



**Championships for 2020 Season will now have 2 hour time limit - no new inning after 2 hours.  **

Championships played on fields with curfews will have time limits if lights curfew may come into play.  If lights go off - the last completed inning will be the final.  11pm is the curfew we deal with the most.


There is also a no seeds or shelled nuts allowed at all Santa Clara Parks.  Please clean up your trash at all parks and do your part to keep facilities clean.  Fields are becoming harder to get and we need to make sure we are good guests.  Please talk to players about digging holes in outfield grass - this has became a major complaint by grounds crews. 

**All bats must be USSSA 1.15 Stamped**

We have banned same Demari Bats as USSSA. We will continue to follow USSSA bans. Please refer to their site for more information.

**New grade /age rule USSSA has implemented is under review by SU Baseball**

As of now we will only allow this by special request.. We have found very few kids that are April birthdays or earlier that have been held back.  We can see both the reasons for the rule and the issues it may cause. We do not want to see the rule used for the wrong reasons. We do see good reasons to let a child play with the kids he will play in HS with and attends school with. Please remember that we are here to provide a avenue for our youth to play quality baseball.  We put a lot of effort into trying to always improve our events and do what is best for the kids.


SU Baseball was started in 2010 with one simple goal in mind...provide a positive quality baseball experience with quality umpires on quality fields because the players deserve it. 


Having certified umpires and quality baseball fields ensures a positive experience for the players and fans alike. We will always put the players first and the bottom line second, so you experience a quality tournament the way baseball was meant to be played!

SU Baseball and it's host parks have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding manager, coach, and parent behavior. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship. Any extended verbal abuse, physical abuse or threat of physical abuse of an umpire or tournament official will result in ejection from the park for the day and possible suspension for the duration and remainder of any SU Baseball event. Managers must have control of their coaches, players, fans and themselves at all times.


Teams that play music before games and between innings - please be respectful of others.  Keep volumes reasonable and music appropriate for age and attendance.