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A Quality Baseball Experience

Who we are

"Dive into the excitement on the diamond: Where Every Swing Tells a Story !"

Starting SU Baseball in 2010 with the goal of offering a positive and high-quality baseball experience, including excellent umpires and fields, reflects a commitment to ensuring players receive the best possible environment for their enjoyment and development in the sport. 


Prioritizing certified umpires and quality baseballs fields demonstrates a commitment to providing a positive experience for players and fans. Emphasizing the essence of the game and placing players first contributes to a high-quality tournament environment.

SU Baseball and it's host parks have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding manager, coach, and parent behavior. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship. Any extended verbal abuse, physical abuse or threat of physical abuse of an umpire or tournament official will result in ejection from the park for the day and possible suspension for the duration and remainder of any SU Baseball event. Managers must have control of their coaches, players, fans and themselves at all times.


Teams playing music should insure that volumes are kept at reasonable levels and that the music is appropriate for the audience, taking into account the age and diversity of attendees. 

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 New prices for 2024

2024 registration is open up for tournaments shown below. 







Deposits  will remain $100

Starting November 1 all teams will need to have a roster available for each tournament. All teams must be able to show a birth certificate. Its your responsibility to read and understand the rules and ages.  Roster must include player full name - birthdate - grade and uniform number

**Couple rule updates to take note of.  We are getting a rash of issues with players playing when too old. We will never give permission and this is not a protest issue.  Its rules and safety issue! We do not want to continue to have to stop and deal with these issues. The penalty for a player too old is a forfeit of all games player played in.  As a coach you could be held liable for knowingly breaking this rule.  Not worth it.  We are moving cutoff date from April 30 to May 1 to be inline with most National Organizations.  If you have a question USSSA website has a easy to use calculator.   Make sure every player has a birth certificate available. 

**Teams if you are not paid by  Friday the week prior you will be dropped and deposit forfeited. ** You are holding schedules from being completed and posted.

Coaches - Reminder you are responsible for your parents and fans conduct.  We have a zero tolerance for abusive behavior.  Umpires are to be respected. If there is a issue let us handle it.  We are strained every tournament as is every organization to get umpires.  Absolutely, maintaining respect and sportsmanship is crucial for a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Setting a good example for players and ensuring a supportive atmosphere is essential in fostering a healthy sports environment.

We are trying to get more younger umpires involved and trained to help fill the need for umpires.  Do your part to make them want to learn and get better.  The younger guys are starting at the younger ages and move up as they learn and get better themselves.  There is not enough umpires as is and we lose more every year. Do Not Be That Team No One Wants To Umpire!

Sun flower seeds have always been part of baseball - but they cause issues with keeping the field mix clean and compact.  We will respect the fields crews desire to give us the best playing surfaces possible.  Not to mention no one wants to clean up your pile of seeds left on the ground. Please pass this on to your parents and fans.  As you can see from tournaments that are already sold out for lack of fields we need to do our part to be welcomed back.  Leave the park clean when your done and help us keep the fields available to play on. 

A strict no - alcohol policy helps maintain a family - friendly and safe environment at the parks. Respecting this rule and keeping the facilities clean are key to showing appreciation for the privilege of using city parks.  


Acknowledging the tight schedule and potential delays in umpire rotations is important for everyone's understanding. Being flexible with game times and recognizing the umpires' need for breaks contributes to a smoother and more considerate tournament experience.

No new inning after 1 hour 40 minutes.  

Read the rules before playing.  Especially tie breaking rules. 


Make sure scores are correct on game card before leaving fields!

We are changing our policy that only paid teams or teams paying a deposit will be guaranteed a spot.  Some tournaments  sell out and teams get turned away only to have teams drop out last minute.  You can continue to pencil in but it does not guarantee you a spot only shows interest in a tournament.  Balance must be paid the week prior by Friday.  Don't be the team holding up schedules getting done.  


Game Changer will not be considered a book.  Too many mistakes are made and difficult to figure out.  The official score will be the umpire card.  It will be the responsibility of both coaches and the umpire to make sure the scorecard is correct every inning and after the game.  Once the card is turned into SU officials the score will be the official score.  A single run can make a difference for your team or someone else. Make sure we are getting scores right!

 If a field can not be fit for our dimensions we reserve the right to change dimension rules for that field or tournament.   This will effect mostly 8u-12u.  Every effort will be made to have fields exact but as we struggle to get fields most little league fields do not always go to 65'. The fields may be played at 60' vs. 65' or 70'.  

roadrunner 77_edited.jpg


Championships will now have 2 hour time limit - no new inning after 2 hours. 

Championships played on fields with curfews will have time limits if lights curfew  come into play.  If lights go off - the last completed inning will be the final.  11pm is the curfew we deal with the most.


There is also a no seeds or shelled nuts allowed at all Parks.  Please clean up your trash at all parks and do your part to keep facilities clean.  Fields are becoming harder to get and we need to make sure we are good guests.  Please talk to players about digging holes in outfield grass - this has became a major complaint by grounds crews. 

All bats must be USSSA 1.15 Stamped

We have banned same Demarini Bats as USSSA. We will continue to follow USSSA bans. Please refer to their site for more information.

Grade/age rule

Players may play in the same grade as their team.  If a player don't make the age cutoff but is in corresponding grade a report card will need to be on hand also.



Cedar City Hotels

Marriott Properties - For Team Rates ask for Julie - 435-586-9167

Safari Hospitality for the below hotel properties

Courtyard | SpringHill Suites | Holiday Inn Express | Hampton Inn 
Cedar City, UT
435.586.9167 Office
702.812.8522 Mobile
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